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Do you know that it is relatively easy to receive a sport-scholarship? Generally speaking, good regional strength in your sport. To evaluate your chance, please choose the free chance estimation service of

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What is a Sport-Scholarship?

Athletic as well as academic scholarships are much more common in the US than in most other countries. Sports scholarships are awarded to athletes of outstanding performance in order to enable them to finance their studies in the US. The athlete participates fully in practice sessions with the college team and represents the university in various tournaments and competitions. The coaches’ job is to professionally look after the teams; in this sense, he or she has a similar position to that of a professor and is also paid accordingly.
For generations, American universities have had college teams in all kinds of sports. These teams are professionally managed by specially employed coaches and serve as an advertisement for the respective university in numerous competitions. If a team has regional or even nationwide success, the media will cover its development. That is why college teams are a means to market the university in order to recruit new students. For this reason the universities provide the coaches with a budget to recruit talented athletes from around the world and help them finance their studies or even their entire stay abroad.

In what sports is a sport-scholarship offered?

Scholarships are available for a total of 29 sports at college level. A certain range of sports is always offered, even though a few sports may or may not be offered every single year.

Archery, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Equestrian, Fencing, Field Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rifle, Rowing, Skiing (Cross Country and Downhill), Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming and Diving, Sync. Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field (Indoor and Outdoor) Volleyball, Water Polo.

Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Fencing, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Rifle, Skiing (Cross Country und Downhill), Soccer, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Track & Field (Indoor and Outdoor), Volleyball, Water Polo, Wrestling.

How good do you have to be to receive a sport-scholarship?

Instead of playing a sport in a sports club with club leagues, such as the Federal League, Regional league and First Division as in Germany, the amateur competitive sports in the US are mostly played in College Leagues, within which the universities are divided into four different divisions in 30 different sports.
How does one define „performance“? Athletic competetiveness? Strength? Of course, these qualities are impossible to define internationally, except when the sport can be measured in terms of numbers, for example the time achieved in a 100m sprint, golf handicaps, etc. However, these statistics don’t really say much about the athlete’s competitiveness, his history as a player and his potential, all of which is vitally important to coaches. Everything counts: the complete picture of an athlete including his history as a player, his strengths, past successes, athletic skills etc. That is why the application for our athletic scholarship service is so detailed, because we use the information you provide in your application as potential background data for our service.
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How do I get a sport-scholarship?

Theoretically, you can get in touch with coaches on your own and try to convince them about your strenth and fitting for the team. However, within the last years, almost all coaches have made bad experiences with individual applications of applicants since recruits have not proved to be as good as claimed. Therefore, coaches tend more and more to have potential recruits fly in and show what how good they really are, which is a pretty high financial risk for the interested athletes.

Meanwhile, some agencies help coaches in screening potential applicants and presenting the coaches all necessary athletic and academic information they need in order to evaluate the fit of an athletie. Moreover, some of theses agencies even help the applicants to fulfill all necessary academic and formal athletic requirements to enroll in the university and be officiall eligible to play for the team.

Our advice:

One of the serious agencies built on personal contacts is the German sport agency that operates worldwide. The company has experience for 8 years and promotes the athletes through a detailled player profile with athletic and academic details as well as a video and picture gallery. The interesting feature with the service of is that all coaches in all divisions are contacted so that usually applicants receive several sport scholarships to choose from. This is important because the athletes should not only consider the sports team and athletics but it is also important to match his or her academic background and plans.

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